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Business English courses in Barcelona

We offer English classes for businesses in Barcelona with native English teachers.

Business English Conversation

We provide a unique yet effective tailored Business English Courses designed for company directors, managers and employees in different sectors and markets in Barcelona and Spain. Our objective is to help you communicate with your customers or prospects effectively. If you are interested in making real progress we will teach you fundamental techniques and structures you can use every day to become a fluent English speaker.

Business English Vocabulary

Learn the fundamental business vocabulary used in a professional environment. We provide business-related vocabulary exercises, financial vocabulary to advanced business vocabulary lessons to help you master formal English communication. Topics include finance, advertising, marketing to sales. Join us today and start learning vocabulary for meetings, negotiations, to presentations and more.

Business English Courses

The courses are designed to help you develop your business communication skills in English. Learn to express yourself better in a variety of professional situations in addition to studying business vocabulary and reinforcing English grammar. From private onsite classes to online lessons with one of the best video conferencing software on the market, we aim to provide you with a seamless lesson that is valuable and enjoyable.

"I often use Learn English Cloud services for the correction of my scientific articles, I am very happy with the results obtained and the excellent service offered"
"Por mi trabajo es difícil encontrar una academia que se adapte a mis horarios, y mejorar el inglés es uno de mis retos, aunque los cursos online pueden ayudar, no hay nada mejor que un profesor. Aquí se combina las ventajas de ambos sistemas, por un lado la flexibilidad horaria que solo te permiten los cursos online, y por otro, un profesor real que te ayuda en mejorar tu inglés."

Do you what English classes with a native teacher?

For more information about our business English classes and business English courses in Barcelona please contact us at: info@learnenglish.cloud

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