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What is a level assessment test and why is it important?

A level assessment test is designed to give students and teachers of English a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of English. 

English Level Assessment Test 
A level assessment test is designed to give students and teachers of English a quick way of assessing the approximate level of a student’s knowledge of English.

Before starting lessons, a student will participate in a short exam which will assess their level, and the test usually consists of four pillars of the English language that are imported in becoming a fluent speaker. Most and foremost it consists of grammatical questions which range from tenses, articles, nouns, propositions and comprehension.

Most questions are multiple choice, but in other questions, the students may need to write and showcase their ability to write in England. The teacher will penalise spelling error and check that the tenses and oval grammar used is correct.

We also test your comprehension by testing your listening skills. Using audio clip activities so the student has to listen carefully and display that they can comprehend. The student also has the chance to speak using their own microphone to record their answers which the teacher will carefully listen to and then give some feedback.

We advised all students interested in learning with us to take this test before starting so we can give you feedback on what you need to work on and also it will give you a structure and help you achieve your goal in becoming more fluent in speaking English.

Our Placement Tools provide a starting point to address language ESL Placement Tools for Higher Education needs. A student’s results include a Gap Analysis outlining the language deficiencies identified. These gaps form the basis of the student’s Individual Learning Plan. The learning plan is a set of lessons that address a student’s language gaps. The student’s learning plan allows institutions to provide individual ESL attention whether the student is in an academic stream or bridging program.

Our typical ESL Placement Test consists of 100 questions which increase in difficulty as the test progresses, covering the grammar topics taught within the CEFR framework. The questions progress in order of difficulty, from CEFR A1 to C1, and each question is specifically linked to a grammar topic within the CEFR levels.


The level tests are designed to suggest the lesson plans targeted to rectify the student’s gaps in knowledge and to review those which require further practice.



The ESL Placement Test can be completed in three ways:

1. The student provides answers to all 100 questions

2. The student answers ‘I don’t know’ to 7 questions in a row, after which the test concludes automatically

3. The student abandons the test before completing it

Note that we have avoided where possible using words that have a different spelling in North American and British English, to ensure the Placement Test can be used by the maximum number of students.

Our test provides a proficiency level based upon the student’s responses, provided the student answers a minimum of 20 questions. If less than 20 responses are provided, the sample is considered too small to give a fair assessment. Along with a level of proficiency, we display all incorrect answers and skipped questions (with the corresponding question text). 

These form the basis of an Individualised Learning Plan for your student, which is automatically imported into the Student Management Panel. Following a student’s level test, we can Launch and Enroll students into lessons directly from the Individualised Learning Plan.

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